Great day yesterday and Di you were terrific for putting up with a couple of old codgers. What with loss of helmet, an ice axe pick through my boot, inability to work ropes, broken crampon and being blown off our feet I reckon I will remember my 65th birthday! Seriously though it could have been a bit more stressful if it hadn't been for your expertise Di.
The majority of work carried out by Di Gilbert Mountaineering is private guiding. This enables a course to be structured around your needs with a little bit of direction. We regularly work in the East, Central, West and North West Highlands and further afield.

The rates and ratio's are explained below and if you need some inspiration, check out the summer, winter courses and our expedition training.

How do I book a private guiding course?

Contact Di initially to discuss your needs or complete our online booking form. Di will then be in touch with suggestions and recommendations.


We are available all year round for private guiding.


Daily rates for the 2018 are outlined below. These rates are not set in stone depending on what you want to do, but it will give you an idea. N.B With the exception of private 1:1 guiding, the cost is split amongst the group.

1:1 £220.00
1:2 £240.00
1:3 £260.00
1:4 £280.00
1:5 £300.00
1:6 £320.00

This rate includes instruction or guiding and any specialist equipment (ropes and climbing rack). This does not include your personal equipment.

These rates are based on starting within the Cairngorm National Park. If your course has excessive travel costs and/or gondola uplift involved, you will be expected to cover the cost of this. If you are not sure, just contact us direct.


The maximum instructor:client ratio that we work with is outlined below.

Hill walking 1:6
Scrambling 1:2
Rock climbing 1:2
Winter hill walking 1:6
Winter mountaineering 1:2
Winter climbing 1:2
Ski mountaineering 1:6

If you're unsure on what the maximum ratio is, just contact us.


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